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Like the advent of the internet, blockchain technology is disrupting and revolutionizing the way we interact with each other across the world.  One well-known application of blockchain technology is in the financial realm, popularly known as "cryptocurrency" (i.e. "crypto"). Cryptocurrencies now present both a lucrative and risky investment opportunity for early adopters and a regulatory nightmare for governments, many of which have struggled to fit crypto into the existing (and outdated) legal framework.  For those without a strong understanding of the underlying technology and the present state of the crypto ecosystem and legal landscape, it can be tough for individuals and even lawyers to safely and effectively work with digital assets.  In some instances, such as in the case of a secretive spouse or family member, it might not even be clear if cryptocurrencies will be an issue unless a thorough investigation is conducted.


The firm provides consulting services and litigation assistance for lawyers encountering or suspecting cryptocurrencies may be at play in their cases, and directly assists consumers in a wide range of cryptocurrency issues.  Below is a list of services we provide:

For Lawyers:

  • Assisting in digital asset investigation

  • Assisting in simple cryptocurrency accounting matters

  • Assisting in preparation of digital asset security plans for clients

  • Assisting in drafting complex contracts or terms and conditions involving cryptocurrencies

  • General counseling and consulting on all manner of cryptocurrency issues (except securities issues)

For Consumers:

  • Creating personalized digital estate plans that incorporate crypto and other digital assets

  • Representing personal representatives, executors, trustees, heirs, beneficiaries, and other interested persons whose probate estates or trusts involve accounting for and managing digital assets such as crypto

  • Drafting contracts in which cryptocurrencies are to be used as collateral or as consideration

  • Representing clients in tax court with complex tax issues surrounding investment in cryptocurrencies

  • Counseling regarding crypto-related tax strategies and consequences

  • Counseling businesses who wish to adopt cryptocurrencies as a form of payment

As the prevalence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies explodes, new issues and legal matters are likely to be encountered.  If you have a potential legal issue related to cryptocurrencies or blockchain, contact us today to schedule a consultation to see if we can assist you.  Also check out our blog where we comment on some of the new legal issues and developments in the crypto-community.

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