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Commecial Litigation


Business disputes, often referred to as commercial litigation when controversies ripen into lawsuits, relate to business transactions, usually between a company and a client or between two or more companies.  The potential procedural and substantive issues involved in a case vary in scope and complexity in each situation, but, ordinarily, when negotiations fail to resolve the dispute, the parties will seek relief in a state or federal court or through contractual arbitration.  The case will begin by the parties identifying the factual and legal issues they request the court decide, known as the pleading stage.  The parties will then engage in a formal factual investigation and exchange of information called discovery, which may include the interviewing of witnesses and adversaries on the record, inspection of important objects and properties, and the production of reports by experts.  Finally, if the parties cannot agree on the facts of the case, a trial is held before a jury or the trial judge. A case concludes with the trial court issuing its judgment.

Our firm handles cases at any stage of litigation, in state or federal court or arbitration, and, in most situations, in any State in the country.  Areas of practice include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Franchise litigation

  • Debtor/creditor disputes

  • Fraud and other commercial torts

  • Antitrust issues

  • Contract disputes

  • Commercial lease disputes

  • Construction defect litigation

  • Recording and foreclosing mechanic's liens

  • Securities litigation and derivative lawsuits

  • Civil rights issues and discrimination

  • Government condemnations

  • Real estate transactions

  • Cryptocurrency issues

  • Marijuana partnership issues

Contact us now to schedule a consultation to discuss the merits of your case.  If we are unable to assist you we will work with you to connect you with another capable law firm in our network.

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