02. Taxation

The U.S. Tax Code is considered one of the most complex and rapidly changing areas of law that exists in our country, and because of this many individuals and businesses miss out on opportunities to reduce tax liability.  We work vigorously on behalf of taxpayers to make sure they are paying the least amount of taxes required by law.

Tax Planning

Whether starting a business, managing your estate plan, or preparing to conduct a significant transaction, each year may bring new changes to the tax code which may provide you opportunities to reduce your tax liability.  Tax planning involves extensive analysis of your financial situation and research into applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and publications.  We work with you to determine strategies for reducing your overall tax burden and avoiding IRS tax audits.  In certain instances we may be able to help you correct mistakes made in prior year tax returns to help maximize any tax benefits to which you are entitled.  Tax planning is useful for anyone seeking to protect, sell, or gift assets of substantial value.

Tax Return Preparation

Our firm is registered to prepare IRS Tax Returns for individuals and for businesses.  We prepare state and federal tax returns for you and your companies for current and prior tax years, including consolidated returns for businesses and non-income tax returns (such as a gift tax return).

Tax Controversy

Your worst fears have been realized: you received notice that the IRS or another taxing authority will be performing a tax audit.  If the taxing authority asserts your tax liability is significantly greater than what you believe it to be, it will be necessary to dispute the assessment. We represent clients during your audit, and even further into the appeals process if need be.

Offers in Compromise

Even after you have received notice of a heavy tax burden you do not dispute, you may be able to seek relief.  Based on your financial profile we may be able to reach a settlement of your tax liability with the IRS, which would result in a reduced tax burden.  Such a process is sanctioned by the IRS and requires a detailed review and analysis of your assets and ability to pay.  We contact the IRS and prepare the necessary forms for you to receive consideration by the IRS.

  Zealously Representing Clients

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