Our Fees

The Anthony A. Garcia Law Firm's standard practice is to charge hourly fees for its services at industry competitive rates. We understand that hiring an attorney can be an significant expenditure for most people, so we encourage you to ask us about our stated payment options as well as limited representation opportunities or possible alternative arrangements.  In certain matters we may be able to offer a flat fee, a contingency (i.e. you pay nothing in exchange for giving us a percentage of any settlement or judgment), or a modified contingency. In special circumstances, other payment arrangements can be made.


Initial Consultation

The Anthony A. Garcia Law Firm does not charge prospective clients a fee for reviewing the particulars of their case.

$0 (free)

Hourly Fee Arrangement

This is our firm's standard billing practice.  Fees are charged in six-minute increments, and are calculated using electronic stopwatches.  Expenses incurred on your behalf must be reimbursed. A retainer will be required before services are provided, and you may be asked to replenish the retainer from time to time.  Invoices for professional services rendered are sent monthly to your attention.  A temporary automatic 10% discount is applied to each invoice to encourage prompt payment of invoices that exceed the available retainer.

$345 per hour - Attorneys

$125 per hour - Paralegals

$85 per hour - Legal Assistants

Flat Fee Arrangement

In certain situations where a matter is capable of being completed in discrete and identifiable parts we may be able to offer you a single flat fee.  Flat fee arrangements are typically reserved for appeals or smaller matters, such as simple contract drafting/review, letter writing, preparing offers in compromise, and filing mechanic's liens.  Matters undertaken on a limited representation basis are generally performed with a flat fee arrangement, which allows for more economical representation.  Inquire for further details.

Minimum flat fee charge - $345

Modified Contingency

If your initial consultation reveals the likelihood of a significant damage award, we may be able to offer you a modified contingency agreement wherein you will be responsible for hourly fees capped at a certain dollar amount.  In exchange for capping hourly fees, our firm will take a percentage of any damages awarded or settlement reached, in no event greater than 33% of such damage award or settlement.  You will still be responsible for all expenses incurred.

Maximum contingency - 33%

Alternative Arrangements

Certain clients, such as new businesses, may have significant cash flow issues, but may have other assets with which to satisfy legal fees.  Inquire about possible opportunities to pay for legal services with real or personal property other than cash.

Certain cryptocurrencies accepted