• Anthony A. Garcia

Parking Lot Consumer Protection Class Action Filed in Denver

Updated: May 7, 2020

We are excited to announce that The Anthony A. Garcia Law Firm has filed its first class action consumer protection lawsuit in the District Court for the City and County of Denver! The Complaint filed by attorney Anthony Garcia in Sickinger v. Time Park, LLC (Case No. 2020 CV 31273) on April 6, 2020 alleges a long-running scheme of abusive and fraudulent billing practices by the operator of at least 20 surface parking lots in and around downtown Denver.

According to the allegations made in the Complaint, potential customers are lured onto Defendant's parking lots by a singular advertised "All-Day" price; however, once the customers pay to use the lots, an unknown number later receive tickets for various alleged violations of "lot rules." No such rules are posted on any of Defendant's parking lots. Recipients of Defendant's tickets are then told that if payment is not made within two weeks of the alleged violation, the debt will automatically be sent to a collections agency. Because the tickets are relatively inexpensive, Defendant relies on the fact most people would rather pay than expend the time and effort to challenge the tickets. For customers that do complain to the Better Business Bureau, Defendant voids the tickets "as a courtesy." In reality, the Defendant is assuaging the customers most likely to bring legal action, thereby concealing and perpetuating its deceptive practices.

While at this moment no discovery has yet been conducted, Mr. Garcia estimates that if one person per lot was affected by this wrongful billing practice each day for entire statute of limitations period, there may be at least 21,900 potential class members, and the aggregate class damages may exceed $1.6 million.

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