01. Litigation

Perhaps the most iconic service a lawyer can offer, litigation is the process of resolving a legal dispute in a judicial,  arbitral, or other forum. Whether you have been named a defendant in a lawsuit or whether you seek to vindicate your rights against another party, we zealously represent your interests at any stage of the proceedings.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation relates to disputes involving business transactions, usually between a company and a client or between two or more companies.  The potential procedural and substantive issues involved in a case vary in scope and complexity in each situation, but, ordinarily, when negotiations to resolve the dispute break down, the parties will seek relief in a state or federal court.  The case will begin by the parties identifying the factual and legal issues they request the court decide, known as the pleading stage.  The parties will then engage in a formal factual investigation and exchange of information called discovery, which may include the interviewing of witnesses and adversaries on the record, inspection of important objects and properties, and the production of reports by experts.  Finally, if the parties cannot agree on the facts of the case, a trial is held before a jury or the trial judge. A case concludes with the trial court issuing its judgment.

Our firm handles cases at any stage of litigation, in state or federal court, and, in most situations, in any State in the country.  Areas a practice include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Franchise litigation

  • Debtor/creditor disputes

  • Fraud and other commercial torts

  • Antitrust issues

  • Contract disputes

  • Commercial lease disputes

  • Construction defect litigation

  • Recording and foreclosing mechanic's liens

  • Securities litigation and derivative lawsuits

  • Receiverships and Bankruptcy (Debtor and Creditor)

  • Civil rights issues and discrimination

  • Government condemnations

  • Real estate transactions

  • Cryptocurrency issues

  • Marijuana issues

  • Debt collections

  • Class actions


We require a free consultation to evaluate your case, and typically require a minimum $3,450 retainer to begin a full-service representation.  In certain cases we may be able to offer limited representation for discrete tasks at greatly reduced rates, which may possibly include ghostwriting.  We encourage individuals and businesses who seek to conserve financial resources and who are willing to take on a larger role in the prosecution or defense of the case to inquire into the possibility of limited representation.

Tax Controversy

The moment you receive an unfavorable notice from the IRS or State regarding your tax liability or receive notice of an upcoming tax audit, it is advisable to consult an attorney to review your options.  The IRS and State revenue officers are not infallible, and revenue agents make mistakes. Litigation may be required to establish with certainty the amount of money you owe (or do not owe) to the government. A tax controversy usually begins with an appeal directly to the taxing authority.  Sometimes an appeal is successful, but many times you will be required to seek court intervention, which operates almost exactly like an ordinary court proceeding.

We represent taxpayers at all stages of a tax controversy, including negotiating structured settlements with taxing authorities.  We require a free consultation to evaluate your case, and typically require a minimum $3,450 retainer to begin full-service representation. Like in commercial litigation proceedings, we may be able to offer limited representation for discrete tasks at greatly reduced rates.


Arbitration is a contractually agreed upon process of resolving disputes between parties in which one or more private neutral arbitrators are empaneled to decide a dispute out of the public eye.  Several organizations specialize in providing arbitrators and administering procedural rules similar to those found in traditional judicial forums.  The parties will present their respective cases before the arbitrator(s) who will then issue an award that can be confirmed and reduced to judgment in a traditional state or federal court.

Our firm represents clients at any stage of arbitration proceedings in any state across the country.We require a free consultation to evaluate your case, and typically require a minimum $3,450 retainer to begin a full-service representation.


Once a litigation proceeding is reduced to judgment, either or both of the parties can challenge the validity of the judgment in a process known as an appeal.  An appellate procedure is characterized by the filing of lengthy briefs on discrete legal issues that arose during the trial proceedings, ordinarily followed by a short oral argument before the panel of appellate judges assigned to decide the appeal.  Depending on the outcome, the parties may be ordered to return to the trial court for further proceedings, or the unsuccessful appellant may initiate a subsequent appeal to a higher appellate court.

Our firm drafts appellate briefs and argues in person on your behalf in any state or federal appellate court in the country.  There is no need for our firm to have been involved in the trial court proceedings as the official record will contain all relevant documents and transcripts upon which to base an appeal.

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