The Law Firm

 Founded in 2019

Since its founding The Anthony A. Garcia Law Firm has been assisting clients in meeting their legal needs in matters ranging from legal disputes to tax planning.  By leveraging advances in communications technology and legal research capabilities, the firm is able to provide you with the quality you expect from a large law firm with the feel and affordability of a smaller firm.  We take our values seriously, and we aspire to earn your trust through our commitment to excellence.

The Anthony A. Garcia Law Firm

Our Vision

A lawyer should be your champion, zealously representing, pursuing, and defending your interests above all else in the maelstrom of our judicial system and in commercial life.  You come to a lawyer with your problems and you should leave with several solutions and a feeling of empowerment, the legal world a little (or a lot) less intimidating.  Win or lose, at the end of your experience you should feel like you had your day in court, and you gave it your absolute best effort.  We want you to be impressed with the service we provide, be as comfortable as can be during the ride, and feel delighted with the results.  This is how we envision the experience with each client, and the greatest compliment we can receive is that our vision became a reality for you.

Mr. Anthony A. Garcia

LL.M. (Taxation)

Anthony Garcia is a summa cum laude graduate of the Charleston School of Law where he obtained his Juris Doctor and a summa cum laude graduate of the Sturm College of Law's Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver where he received an LL.M. in Taxation.  Mr. Garcia has represented clients in a wide array of matters large and small, ranging from multi-million dollar complex commercial lawsuits to filing and foreclosing mechanic's liens.  He has worked both in Plaintiff and Defendant capacities in state and federal trial and appellate courts across the country.


His areas of practice include, but are not limited to, commercial litigation, civil rights litigation, franchise litigation, tax planning, tax controversy, construction contracts, mechanic's liens, commercial contracts, cryptocurrency issues, commercial leases, and corporate formation.

Email :       Tel: (720) 340-1702

Our Attorney

The Glory of a Good Lawyer

Is to Win a Bad Trial.

( Balzac)

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Aggressive Excellence

It is our belief that clients deserve aggressive excellence from us across the full spectrum of services we provide.  From the moment you engage our firm we work to ensure that your interests are advanced and protected in an efficient and professional manner. As your representative in litigation, it is our aim to craft and present compelling and well-grounded arguments in your favor to ensure decision makers view your position in the most positive light possible.  Similarly, our goal when drafting contracts is to maximize your benefits while minimizing your risks.   Whether in litigation or in production of transactional legal documents, we strive to generate clear and concise work product on your behalf that is well-drafted, thoroughly researched, and of distinguishable quality.